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so you could eat koi!
whenever i mention that as a joke (and part curiosity), my friends look at me like a monster. koi fishes here belongs in a pond and that's pretty much it...

i'll be glad to show them this post to prove them wrong...


thanks for eating and reporting...wish there was a way of sharing the actual food =P


I always translate hana yori dango in my head as "the practical over the pretty" but given that dango are a snack food, that might not be right.

I also of course translate it as "Boys Before Flowers"


I always wondered about Hana Yori Dango. I get "food over flowers" and "the practical over the pretty", but I'm not sure about "boys before flowers" — I watched this famous J-drama with the same name, so I came away a little confused.

Btw, love the bento.


what a great post, I would give up a day of hanami for a delicious dinner with friends any day.


Those are some great pictures!

Also the hana yori dango "boys over flowers" is probably a play on kanji or something.


I rarely post but always enjoy your blogs. I used to live in Akabane so I totally identified with this blog. Thanks so much for sharing!


Lynne, koi are indeed edible, but I think most Japanese people have the same reaction as your friends. It's not terribly popular here.

Tudza, Astrorainfall and Shibuya, I had no idea what you were talking about with "boys before flowers" and had to look it up, which shows how much Japanese TV I watch! Hana yori dango is written 花より団子 and the TV show in question is 花より男子, which would normally be pronounced "Hana yori danshi", but "dango" is an alternate pronunciation of the last word. The Japanese love word play like that.

Kat, I'm glad I did.

Kim, Akabane seems like a neat neighborhood. Have you been to Marumasuya?

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